Police raided in city’s , Bhatara, Natun Bazar and Bashundhara Residential Areas


Dhaka, August 09: Police have conducted block-raids in city’s Nardda, Bhatara, Natun Bazar and Bashundhara Residential Areas two days after they clashed with the students of private universities during road safety protests.At least 1,000 policemen gheraoed the areas at about 8:00pm during block raid but no-one was detained during operation on Wednesday night, police said.

The law enforcers dispelled speculations that the raid aimed to arrest the students involved in the protests.

It was a routine operation, Rafiqurl Isla, assistant commissioner (Gulshan zone) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police, told reporters.

“We conduct such operations regularly to arrest drug offenders and listed criminals,” he said.

He also said they did not arrest anyone in the raid, which was conducted also at Kalachandpur area next to Bashundhara.

DMP commissioner Asaduzzaman Miah, additional commissioner Krishnapada Roy and other high officials were present during the block raid.

On Monday, students of the North South University, American International University of Bangladesh, and Independent University of Bangladesh clashed with police in the area after they expressed solidarity with the movement for safe roads.

Police arrested and remanded altogether 22 students of private universities, including eight from the Bashundhara area, on charges of attacking police and vandalising properties.