Police issues restriction movement on Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh


Dhaka, September 16: Bangladesh Police have requested the local citizens not to give rent houses to Rohingyas and asked transport operators not to carry them.

Police also urged Rohingyas to stay at their respective camps as the government would provide their food to their sheltering centres.

Police will check the buses in 27 points leaving from Cox’s Bazaar to prevent Rohingyas spread in other parts of the country, according to a press release issued from Police Headquarters.

The press release signed by Assistant Inspector General (AIG-Media and Public Relations) revealed on Saturday afternoon that the government has arranged accommodation in a specific area, food and treatment for Rohingyas.

They will be provided the privileges in a specific camp. They cannot stay or take shelter at homes of any relatives or familiar persons.   Nobody can rent houses to them (Rohingya).

Rohingyas cannot spread to any places, moving out from the specific camp. They cannot move from one place to another by roads, trains or waterways, according to the press release.

All drivers, workers and concern people of all types of transports are requested not to transport of help to transport Rohingyas, the press release revealed.

All people were also requested to inform police if anyone comes to know over providing shelter to them (Rohingya), renting houses or spreading to other parts.