Police DIG stopped, no license or papers


Dhaka, August 02: Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of River Police Habib was cruising along Karwan Bazar in his black jeep, hoisting a signboard ‘police’ to avoid the students on the road.But the school and college students who are on the streets since Sunday had no time for hierarchy and spared him not. They stopped him up and asked for papers.

To their surprise, the vehicle, which was also carrying uniformed police guards, did not have a certificate of registration, nor did the driver have a license to drive.

Asked DIG Habib about it at spot, and he replied: “It is true that the vehicle does not have its registration papers and the driver does not have a driving license.”

“This is a government car and I do not know anything about it,” said Habib.

Students stopped a jeep of Bangladesh Navy and found that it did not have a certificate of registration.