Police arrested rape accused Safat and Sadman in Sylhet


Sylhet, May 12: Two alleged rapists Safat Ahmed and Sadman Sakif who are accused in a case filed for raping two private university girls at the Raintree Hotel at Banani in Dhaka were arrested in Sylhet on Thursday night.

A special police team from the Police Headquarters in Dhaka arrested them from a house at Jalalabad here at night.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Md Moniruzzaman disclosed it to media.

Md Moniruzzaman said two alleged rapists Safat Ahmed and Sadman Sakif remained hiding in a house at Jalalabad in Sylhet. A police team from the Police Headquarters in Dhaka arrested them from there at about 9:00pm.

Safat Ahmed and Sadman Sakif are being brought to Dhaka, he said.

Meanwhile, the victims of gangrape gave judicial statements to a magistrate on Thursday.

Dhaka metropolitan magistrate Nurunnahar Yasmin recorded their judicial statements at her room from 1:00pm to 4:00pm under Section 22 of the the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act 2000.

According to the confessional statemens, at night on March 28 last the two female private university students were taken to ‘The Raintree Hotel’ at Banani to attend a birthday party. Apan Jewellers’ owner Dildar Ahmed Selim’s son Safat Ahmed’s driver Billal and his unidentified bodyguard picked them up from their houses to the Raintree Hotel at Road No. 27 at Banani. Their friend Shahriar also accompanied them to the hotel. They knew accused Sadman Sakif for two years, and got acquainted with Safat Ahmed through him.

The girls had no idea that there would be a party at the hotel. They were told that there would be many guests at the party. Reaching the hotel, they saw two more young girls along with Safat and Nayeem. However, they did not see anymore else there. Sensing that the atmosphere at the hotel was not congenial, they wanted to come back along with Shahriar.

As they tried to come out of the hotel, the accused forcibly took away the key of the car from Shahriar and slapped on his face. Afterward, they took the girls to a hotel room at gunpoint where they raped them repeatedly. During the rape, Safat’s driver Billal also filmed the rape incident, while Nayeem Ashraf slapped them on faces. The girls told the accused that they would tell everybody about the rape. Hearing it, Safat sent his bodyguard to the girls’ houses. It made them scared, and we broke down mentally fearing that people would know it. The accused also threatened to spread the video on different social media and kill them if they would not follow their orders.

The accused kept the girls confined to the hotel room till 10:00am on the following day. As the accused were influential, Banani police first declined to register their case. The accused and their families have been trying to suppress the incident of rape after it came to the media.

The case statement reveals that the two rape victims filed a case accusing five persons with the city’s Banani Police Station in the evening on May 6–40 days after the incident.

One of the accused of the case is Safat Ahmed, son of Dildar Ahmed, owner of Apan Jewellers. Other accused are Nayeem Ashraf, Sadman Sakif, Safat’s car driver Billal and his bodyguard Abul Kalam Azad.