PM Hasina unhappy over delay in implementing scouting project


Dhaka, Jan 23: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday expressed her annoyance over dilly-dallying in implementation of a project related to expansion of scouting in the country, to make it more time-befitting and upgraded in standard.

‘I gave the directive for the expansion of scouting from primary level to higher secondary level to make it more time befitting and upgrade its standard long before,’ she expressed her irritation while inaugurating the 8th National Cub camporee at Mouchak of Gazipur through videoconferencing from her official residence Ganobhaban

The Prime Minister said that she wanted to see this project completed a little bit quicker.

‘I don’t know why this is taking time, but this should not take so long time; I want this project implanted come quick and get the approval at once,’ she added.

Terming today’s children as the future of the country, the Prime Minister stressed the need for developing themselves with self confidence as well as with strong leadership quality, honesty and character.

She said, the scouts must love their beloved motherland that got its independence through huge sacrifice in the war of liberation in 1971.

The Prime Minister said scouting gives huge opportunity to know oneself and creates strong self confidence for the new generations.

As a result, the scouts could play effective role in facing any natural and national disasters with responsibility and dutifulness. That is why directives have already been given to take initiative for starting scouting activities from primary school level, she said.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned the nation as victorious one and expressed her firm optimism that it would certainly stand before the world community with the heads high.

Terming this year’s theme of “Amra Karbo Joy” or “We Shall Overcome” as the most time befitting, Hasina hoped that the experience of the camps would help develop the scouts as more efficient to face various challenges in building the country as Sonar Bangla.

She highlighted various programmes for the development of scouting and said the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education have been working to provide all-out assistance to Bangladesh Scouts in developing new generations as efficient human resources through cubing and scouting.

The Prime Minister said that a project titled, ‘Scout Shatabdi Bhaban Construction’ is yet to come to her for approval and whenever it will come, it will surely get approval.

To resolve accommodation problem at the Mouchak National Scout Training Centre, she said, permission has been given to use 95 acres of forest land for the purpose.

“The government has also allocated lands in Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Sylhet, Sirajganj and Debigarh of Panchagarh to set up scout training centre and camp sites,” she added.

The Prime Minister hoped that scouts would try their best to develop themselves as worthy citizens taking benefits of the modern information communication technology.

Hasina expressed her strong determination to advance the country, saying none could obstruct Bangladesh’s progress.

Senior Secretary of the Ministry of Home and Chief National Commissioner of the Bangladesh Scouts Dr Mozammel Haque Khan chaired the function at Ganobhabann while Principal Secretary and President of Bangladesh Scouts Abul Kalam Azad conducted the programme at the National Scout Training Centre Mouchak of Gazipur.

Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu, Relief and Disaster Management Minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya and State Minister for Women and Children Meher Afroz Chumki also spoke joining the video conference from Mouchak of Gazipur.