NBR removes all tariffs on dengue test kit imports


Dhaka, August 05: The government has removed all tariffs on the imports of dengue test kits and reagents amid a massive disease outbreak across Bangladesh.“All duty, value added tax, advance tax and income tax on imports of dengue test kits, reagents and blood platelet plasma test kits have been removed,” the National Board of Revenue (NBR) said in a statement on Monday.

The notice was issued at a time when a lack of kits for diagnosis of dengue fever hit the markets with some hospitals in Dhaka turning suspected patients away without testing them.

The government order will remain effective until October 31.

At the same time, the order will be effective in importing drugs approved by the Directorate General of Drug Administration. And it will regularly check whether the imported products are of good quality, according to the notice issued by the NBR.

The initiative was taken to increase the government’s support to provide medical care to people at low cost, said the NBR.