Meet Google local guide Sumaiya in Bangladesh

411 desk, March 10: If women are empowered, they can help their family, their country and the whole world. -Local Guide Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury.

As a social worker, Sumaiya is passionate about helping those less fortunate than her, especially women.

She has dedicated much of her time and continues to take steps toward to women’s independence, equality, and empowerment in her community in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She believes there needs to be a growing focus on women’s entrepreneurship, opportunities, innovation, health and tech education.

A Level 5 Local Guide who loves to contribute to Google Maps through photos of her travels, Sumaiya feels as though her contributions have enriched her country. In her own words, “Never give up.Travel the whole world and live like a Local Guide!”

Source: Agencies