Love to Mother


May 8: ‘Just where do you, think you are going? She said. ‘To the bathroom?’ I said, ‘No, you aren’t.’ she said, ‘not before you wash the dishes.’

‘This is a matter of urgent necessity,’ I said.  ‘I hated even going to my bathroom had to be questioned!’

‘Don’t want to hear,’ she said. ‘I’m sick and tired of emergency. Every night after dinner. Get to that sink immediately.’

My sister said, ‘I will wash the dishes.’

She got up and started to clean off the table. Angry voice followed me down the hall.

‘Please, don’t give your sister get away with everything.’ ‘That girl just too damn lazy…..I shut the bathroom door to muffle the sound of her grievances against me.’

She didn’t like me. She never had. And I didn’t care step mother…….

Yes, may be you are questioned to see of telling me story about a step mom….

I was just trying to show that what you are???????

You are such a blessing for me from almighty Allah. In this story, this girl has to clean the dishes every night……..whereas I never drank a glass of water by myself!!!!!!!!!!!

I really love you Ammu (mom). You are great……….

(Written by Raisa Raad Khan on the occasion of Mother’s Day)