Look at other countries before commenting, Hasan Mahmud tells BNP


Dhaka, May 10: Information Minister Hasan Mahmud on Sunday asked BNP to look towards other countries including Europe-America, before commenting about coronavirus condition in the country.The minister came up with the remarks in a press briefing at the secretariat.

“Before commenting, place your (BNP) eyes towards Europe, America, India and Pakistan… after comparing with others you will realize our conditions,” he said.

Bangladesh’s condition is much better due to the befitting measures of government, he said adding that “But the situation may go worse and the government is taking different preparation for that.”

Talking about foreign diplomats who expressed their concern over freedom of media in country, Mahmud said “We have noticed that US diplomat and seven EU diplomats tweeted on Bangladesh’s internal issues.”

Already Foreign Minister has responded to them saying that tweeting on Bangladesh’s internal matters is similar to the violation of diplomatic manners, the minister said.

Globally many questions remained unsolved about their own country’s humanitarian issues, he said.

International community expect that before questioning other countries, they would resolve their humanitarian issues, Mahmud said.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in Bangladesh surged to 14,657 on Sunday after the health authorities announced the detection of a record number of 887 new patients in the last 24 hours while the total deaths are now 228.