‘Knitting become an integral part of my life’: Tatyana


Themorningbellbd.com, September 20: Perevyazko Tatyana, an economist turned into a businesswoman in Zaporozhye, Ukraine through crocheting.tatyana

 In her childhood, Tatyana was too active on sports so her parents took her to a sports school for swimming. But her thought was stuck in knit-work like her grandmother.

Perevyazko Tatyana expressed her views to themorningbellbd.com during an exclusive interview.needle-work

“All my children’s energy went into sports and academics. In my free time, I watched my grandmother as she skillfully knitting and crocheting beautiful dresses like jackets, scarves and bags. I wanted to learn to knit like her,” Tatyana said.

She further said that her Grandma showed her how to knit loops crochet.handicraft-work-on-dress

“By the time, I was not very skillful hand knitted on small cloth. I am thankful to my grandmother that she instilled in me a love of knitting. Knitting become an integral part of my life. My hobby has grown into a fascinating work,” Tatyana said.

“A job like knitting in which I receive the sea of positive emotions.”

She said, “I like to give people warm. In each of my knitted items there is a part of my heart and warm my soul. My clients like to wear my knitted items. I wish all good mood positive emotions and fulfillment of clients desires.”crochet

Her monthly average earning is from $ 100 to $200.  Knitting brings her not only moral satisfaction but also financial benefits, she added.

Tatyana graduated as an economist from Zaporozhye Engineering Academy Goodstein faculty of Economy of the enterprise.

For many years she worked as an economist at one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine.

She also worked in smaller firms.tatyanas-work

She married Vladimir more than 20 years ago.

Tatyana has a wonderful daughter Irina.

“I love listening to instrumental music especially piano, guitar and saxophone. I love to grow flowers, favorite is the dahlias irises daisies and Tagetes. My favorite color is tender grass and blue sky,” economist Tatyana said.