‘Khaleda Zia implicated in corruption cases due to political vengeance’: Moudud


Dhaka, March 10: BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed on Friday alleged that BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia was implicated in corruption cases due to political vengeance.

“Khaleda Zia will be acquitted if court maintains neutrality,” he said while speaking at a discussion held at city’s Jatiya Press Club.

Democratic Council organised the discussion titled “Spirit of the Liberation War and What We Need to do to Rescue Democracy.”

The BNP leader said a level playing field would have be ensured for all right from now to ensure the next general elections free and fair. BNP wants a solution to the existing political crisis through talks. Otherwise, BNP will have no option but to launch a movement.

Moudud said many people think that the government can ensure a level-playing three or one month before the election. “But it is not enough. Level-playing field must have to be created right now,” he said and expected a role of the Election Commission in this regard.

The BNP standing committee member said: “Constitution is for people. It can be amended if the political parties can reach a consensus.”

He also urged the government to sit for talks over an election-time government.

Urging the government to allow BNP to hold meetings and rallies, Moudud said the government is scared of BNP. Because of it the government does not want to allow BNP to hold meetings and rallies.