Kamal says govt would assess situation before seeking US support; US support against militancy, Nisha


Dhaka, July 11: The government would assess the situation on the recent terrorist attacks in the country and then seek US support for fighting terrorists, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said on Monday.

“The US has offered us how they can provide support for tackling terrorism,” he told reporters after a meeting with US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal at his secretariat office.

Asaduzzaman Khan said the US government would help to fight terrorists, which would be required for Bangladesh.

 “We are assessing how kind of supports and cooperation would be sought to the US government,” the home minister said.

Emerging from the meeting, Nisha Desai Biswal told reporters that she came here on behalf of US President Barack Obama and Secretary of state John Forbes Kerry to express the support of the United States to the people and the government of Bangladesh.

“Secretary asked me to come after he spoke to the prime minister, so that I could convey that we are here, we are preparing to work with you as you tackle this great challenge. Our thoughts, our prayers, our condolences are with all of the victims of the attacks and the families,” she said.

“We are committed, we are resolute that terror will not win. We will have the intelligence and information, we will have training and capabilities to …………. who would speak to those  ……  drive terror into our society,” she added.

“We will work to engage with our communities, with our youth to ensure that they are also seeking the right path. I want to commend the government in being opened to working with the United States and others who have had experience of our own,” the US Assistant Secretary of State informed.

“We look forward to working together so that we can share the lesson we have all learnt and we can partner in addressing the challenges that we face,” she said.

In a statement, Nisha Desai Biswal said, “Violent extremism is a global threat.  As we have seen too frequently, international terrorist groups can recruit and operate anywhere.”

 “I am here to offer U.S. assistance and support for Bangladesh’s own efforts against terrorism and extremism.  This is an extension of our long and deep partnership based on shared values of democracy, tolerance, and inclusion, and the United States remains committed to this broad-based relationship with Bangladesh of which counter terrorism (CT) is but one part,” the statement says.

“Sharing the concerns of Bangladeshis, we have taken steps to bolster the security of our staff.  Our support for, cooperation with, and commitment to this country remains as robust as ever.  We remain steadfast in our friendship with the Bangladeshi people,” the statement added.