India’s ‘Dr Death’ allegedly killed 6, bodies found at farmhouse


Satara, Maharashtra:  Four dead bodies have been found at the farmhouse of a doctor at Maharashtra in India who has allegedly confessed to killing the victims by giving them lethal injections.

Santosh Pol, dubbed “Dr Death” by the police officers who are handling his case, worked and lived in Wai, a small picturesque town at the base of the Mahableshwar-Panchgani twin hill stations, famous for many Bollywood film shootings

The 41-year-old doctor has reportedly confessed that he killed five women and one man.  Four bodies have been exhumed so far.

Dr Pol was caught after police cracked the case of a local aaganwadi worker – a woman who worked at a state-run creche. The woman, Mangal Jedhe, had allegedly warned to expose Dr Pol for various criminal activities.

The police says that Pol and a female nurse kidnapped the woman from a bus stand, took her to his farmhouse, killed her the next day with a lethal injection, and then buried her at the farmhouse. The nurse reportedly told the police about the killing.  Dr Pol was arrested on Saturday.

The police says that the doctor has claimed he was romantically involved with both the nurse and the woman they killed.

He then allegedly revealed that he had buried five women at his farmhouse and thrown a man’s body into a water reservoir over the last few years.

Police said Pol’s crimes were driven by “lust and robbery” according to news agency IANS.