India to measure whether Everest shrank in Nepal quake

418 desk, January 24: The Indian government has announced it will measure the height of Mount Everest for the second time to assess whether it changed as a result of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.
Surveyor-General Swarna Subba Rao said an expedition would be sent to the world’s highest mountain in two months.
Satellite data has indicated the quake impact reduced the height of the peak.
The most widely recognised height, 8,848m (29,028ft), came from an Indian survey 62 years ago.
Scientists have said that the height of a swathe of the Himalayas dropped by around one metre shortly after the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake.
They added at the time that a ground survey and GPS or an airborne mission would be needed to determine whether the world’s highest peak had seen a change in its height by a few centimetres.
Mr Rao told the Press Trust of India news agency that the team would take about a month to make its observations and another 15 days to compute and declare its data.
Source: BBC and agencies