Iftar during Ramadan helping Rohingyas to forget atrocities


Cox’s Bazar, May 31: Majhi Nurul Islam, a Rohingya refugee sheltered in Kutupalong camp block D, finds solace in taking Iftar during the month of Ramadan, commenting that it helps them to forget the horrors they had faced back in their homelands.Their pre-Iftar ritual consists of congregating for prayers, seeking their salvation, blessings for their loved ones and the ones who died during the carnage, often leading many to tears.

Most of the Iftar items are provided for the refugees in individual boxes by various local and international NGOs. Given the Rohingyas don’t have much to do for the entire day, they keep themselves busy with prayers.

The refugee rehabilitation and relief commissioner Abul Kalam said that barring 500 Hindu Rohingyas, the remaining 1.1 million refugees are Muslims, for whom the agencies are providing adequate food items in boxes for both Iftar and Sehri.

Although they prefer to break their fast with their family around them, many gather round in an open space outdoors and break their fast over there.

Majhi Lalu Miah, another refugee from Kutupalong camp, said that they do not find any shortage of stocks during the month of Ramadan.

But he observed that many like him feel uncomfortable having to spend the month of Ramadan in such displaced conditions.

“It is better to spend Ramadan here than in Myanmar,” he pointed out.

Source: UNB