‘I never studied art in the art school in my childhood’: Anna Salikova


Themorningbellbd.com, August 14: Anna Salikova, who has no institutional education on art during childhood, but now she earned fame and popularity for her beautiful works in Zaporozhyea, Ukraine.Anna's artAnna Salikova

“I never studied art in the art school in my childhood. When my parents took me to such school in my first day the teacher loose me, and I was sitting in the entrance of the school crying and waiting for my parents. So it was the beginning and the end of my art education in my childhood,” Anna told themorningbellbd.com in an exclusive interview from Ukraine.anna busy with her work

Sole daughter of Salikov Sergey and Salikova Aleonora, Anna loved to paint from her childhood.

Most of all she likes to paint a Story, Anna, mother of two kids, said adding, “I like different characters of people, and different feelings, different moods and atmosphere. This is my lovely topic.”

According to Anna, “I loved to paint from my childhood, in fact I liked to draw with a pencil and only beautiful and big buildings.”Anna's pencil work

She said, “I took the book “Great Soviet Encyclopedia” and was looking for a pictures of beautiful buildings and draw it in the paper, then I put this drawing to my wall and loved to look on it.”

She grown up and was graduated from two universities as an economist and lawyer, but her sole was demined of art. “I begin to study art in the private studio of an artist Anton Sheretov,” she added.Anna's eyes see the sky

“I studied 3 years and now I am a member of Zaporozhian National Union of Artists of Ukraine the youth association.”

She takes inspiration for her work from the life. “I take inspiration also from the world around me, from my children, my friends, from the quiet water in the river and from the light of the stars over my head, from everywhere,” she added.elephant work

“I can say that I am absolutely happy person coz I love my job, I live with my job, I love every my day and every my night coz I have the most cool job in the world.”anna's dream

Regarding exhibition, she replied, “I had lots of exhibitions in my country as a personal as a national. I had no exhibition in the world its my dream, but my works are living in many countries in privet collections, in Canada, Italia, Russia and so on.”Anna's inspiration

Anna Salikova, who divorced her husband after 15 years in 2015, now leading happily life with her two loving children I live with my children—Julia (13) and Vladimir (4).

Her father Salikov Sergey a project director and mother Salikova Aleonora a chemist by profession.

Anna loves all colors but depends on her mood. She likes grilled shrimps and loves long and beautiful dresses.

Her best flower is poppy cornflower chamomile.