How can you safeguard your communications: use of internet


Dhaka, Oct 01: Using Internet is obviously not a bad thing. In fact this generation can live without a kidney but not without Internet! Internet has become such a dependent thing, but you must be careful about using it. For example-

   Providing personal details: When you communicate through internet, it’s better not to give your personal details. Yes, many of the sites want your details to fill out a registration before you are permitted to use but be sure that you have check the terms and conditions carefully.

   Using Social Networking Sites: People of this generation like to make friendship through social Networking. But it’s good not to accept any unknown person as a friend. Because you may become distract from your life by coming in contact of bad person. You have to remember all persons are not truthful, maybe their online identities are not true so you must look before you leap, otherwise you may become the victim of cyber bullying.

   Chat rooms: It’s fine by chatting with others you can see their opinions, you can share your interests, you can get instant replies, but you must be careful about your personal information. Strangers are strangers, it’s not a big deal for how long you are chatting. Keep the relation up to virtual, no need to arrange meetings with someone you are chatting for a long.

Every things in this world has advantages as well as disadvantages too, we must avoid the bad sides and should take the opportunity of the good sides. A bad friendship can ruin your life so it’s your choice, that you will make your life hell or heaven!

Raisa Raad Khan (Preeva)

(The writer is a student of A-level)