Higher education, research and development in our health sector


Dhaka, April 12: My assessment based on the conversation with some young medical professionals, as they said perhaps 40 to 50 thousand of medical graduates are now unemployed or under employed. The medical colleges of Bangladesh produce around 10 thousand medical graduates every year and only 250 of them get the much desired government job.The rest of them are left for the private jobs of 20 to 30 thousand taka salary per month per person. For several reasons most of these private job could not be considered as decent job. Post-graduation facilities in Bangladesh are limited access is very difficult. Final exam center for MRCP is not available in Bangladesh, but available in India and Myanmar.

FCPS is very lucrative for the young doctors as post-graduation, but the access and opportunity are very tough. Young medical graduates are not at all happy with their seniors and leaders as they hardly had any effort to pave the passage for their descendants to grow with higher studies. Most of the time juniors Doctors finger toward their senior and express grievances that, seniors hardly want the juniors to grow with all these post-graduation degrees, as seniors fear to lose the market.

What is the size of budget for Research & Development (R&D) in our health sectors?

Our institutions like IEDCR, BSMPGMR and medical colleges must have an ample of budget in this regard. Some of the medical issue is very local and our medical researchers should be able to identify those by themselves.

Though I am not a medical student I have been following the WHO advices during the current COVID-19 situation and found that WHO hardly have been consistent in their advice about the crisis, first they have lauded China even global media knows that China have suppressed information, second WHO was not in favor of closing international flights, head of WHO taken time declare global pandemic only on 30th January, WHO have given confused instructions especially in respect of using mask and taking care of dead bodies.

It is reported based on different medical research American intelligence agencies have beenwarning President Trump on such in-coming pandemic around 1 year ago, although President Trump has not given important on it.

I strongly feel that, for some situations we should have been able to find local solutions led by our medical R&D instead of grossly following very generalized WHO or other international institutions as followed by other countries.

We have to accept that, there are some local variation of diseases. Note that, Wuhan have had reduced budget on R&D in health sectors in last few years as they spent more for technological development to boost their export. Now they are paying the price while facing the pandemic which is spread to the whole over the world.

We must think, there are new world after COVID 19 where we need more intelligence and forecast which should come from our own R&D in health system.

Writer: Rezaul Karim Chowdhury, 12th April 2020, reza.coast@gmail.com (published unedited as per main script and editor is not responsible of any content of this article)