‘HC verdict to be implemented by bringing back Tarique from abroad’: Law Minister


Dhaka, July 21: Law Minister Anisul Huq on Thursday said that the government would take all legal steps to execute the High Court (HC) verdict in bringing back Tarique Rahman from abroad.

The HC jailed Tarique Rahman for seven years and fined Tk 20 crore in a money laundering case.

The law minister came up with the remark on Thursday in reaction after the HC scrapped the acquittal of Tarique Rahman in a money laundering case filed by ACC.

Tarique Rahman cannot appeal against his conviction in the case unless he surrenders before the court, Law Minister said.

“The government will bring Tarique back to the country through Interpol to execute the verdict of the HC. On getting certified copy of the full appeal verdict, home ministry will take steps to arrest the fugitive and bring him back to the country from abroad,” the law minister told reporters at his secretariat office after the HC verdict.

The law minister said, Tarique can file an appeal with the Appellate Division once he is arrested and brought back to the country or surrenders before the court. But he cannot appeal against the High Court verdict sitting in London, he added.

Huq also said that after the HC verdict, it has now been proved that the trial court order that acquitted Tarique was wrong and it was influenced verdict.

“Tarique got his acquittal influencing the trial court judge. Two days after pronouncing the judgement, that judge fled the country with family for Malaysia and never returned. We already suspended the responsible judge. Proceedings are going against him,” the law minister said.

In response to a query, the minister said, “There is no extradition treaty between United Kingdom and Bangladesh. So, Bangladesh government will try to bring him (Tarique) back through Interpol.”