Gold, silver costlier again



Dhaka, May 4: Prices of gold and silver again increased on Wednesday for the fifth time this year.

Prices of gold per bhori (11.664 grams) have increased by Tk 1,225 and silver Tk 58 which would be effected from Friday in local markets, Bangladesh Jewellers Association (BAJUS) said in a statement.

It means a bhori of best quality gold will set customers back by Tk 47,415 and a gram Tk 4,065.

With the latest hike, the price of gold per bhori is seeing an increase of Tk 6,125 this year.

BAJUS General Secretary Enamul Haque Khan told reporters that the gold prices in the local market had been adjusted to the rise in the prices in the international market.

Gold prices were last hiked on Mar 7 by Tk 1,225 a bhori.

After the latest increase, a bhori of 22-carat gold will cost Tk 47,415, 21-carat Tk 45,315, 18-carat Tk 38,667 and traditional gold Tk 27,586.

Until Thursday, the precious yellow metal will sell at Tk 46,190, Tk 44,090, Tk 37,442 and Tk 26,361 respectively.

The price of silver is going up to Tk 1,165 from Tk 1,108.