Feb 15 election was necessary to avoid political crisis: B Chy


Dhaka, June 01: In the wake of Prime Minister’s criticism involving him over sixth parliamentary polls in 1996, President of Bikolpo Dhara Bangladesh AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury on Friday said the election was necessary to avoid a political crisis at that time.Speaking at an iftar party, the BDB chief also voiced his resentment as he alleged that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has distorted his name by calling him ‘Bodu Kaka’. “The Prime Minister shouldn’t have called me in such a name,” UNB reports.

“The Prime Minister at her press conference made some remarks involving me with the February 15, 1996 election. I would like to clearly say that election was held only to pass the caretaker-government bill as per Awami League’s demand,” he said.

B Chowdhury further said, “My party BNP at that time did not use that election to stay in power for five years as the 7th parliament election was held on June 12, 1996 after passing the caretaker-government bill.”

He said though the January-5, 2014 election was incomplete and questionable one with MPs being elected without votes, Awami League has been in power for four years based on it.

The BDB chief said he did not seek BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s release from jail to appease or flatter anybody. “The rule of law is being violated in her case. She was not freed despite the court order.”

Referring to the Prime Minister’s comment on India, he said Sheikh Hasina should let people know about which she has so far given to the neighbouring country.

Bikolpo Swechchhasebak Dal arranged the programme at a city hotel.

He said the new political alliance, ‘Jukta Front’, formed under his leadership will carry out a struggle to build a corruption free Bangladesh.

“As a third political force under the leadership of honest politicians, Jukta Front has already attracted people and it’ll gradually get stronger to ensure a balance between the two major parties,” B Chowdhury added.

He said Gano Forum president Dr Kamal Hossain also announced to work together with Jukta Front leaders.

If people cast vote for Jukta Front, the BDB chief said, it will form a national government for five years.

He said their platform thinks the next election will not be acceptable if it is not held under a neutral government and Election Commission.

B Chowdhury said a level-playing field must be created to ensure the participation of all parties in the next general election. “So, this parliament must be dissolved 100 days before the election.”