Dust pollution in city: Air pollution kills 1.22 lakh people annually in Bangladesh


Dhaka, February 18: Bangladesh is in greater risk of air pollution, ranking second in the world after India, some 122,400 people are dying annually due to it in the country.
Bangladesh also ranks second to Pakistan for children succumbing to air pollution.
This picture came in the ‘Global air pollution situation, 2017, published on Tuesday that showed between 1990-215 the most air pollution increased in the world in India and Bangladesh making it imperative to take effective steps, said participants at a human chain held by Poribesh Bachao Andolan (POBA) or Save the Environment yesterday.
Different professionals, environmentalists and leaders of   different social organizations participated in the chain in front of the Institute of Fine Arts of the Dhaka University at Shahbagh.
Chaired by POBA chairman Abu Naser Khan it was addressed among others by its assistant secretary Mohammad Selim,member Camelia Choudhury, president of Subondhon Samajik Kalyan Sanghthan Habibur Rahman Habib, member-secretary of Pallima Green Anisul Hossain Tarek, Old Dhaka Citizens Initiative president  Najimuddin, project officer of WBB Atiqur Rahman, President of Sochetan Nagorbasi GM Rustam Khan, general secretary Mohammad Ali, Arcitects  Shahin Aziz, Aminul Islan Tubbus and president of Nagorbasi Haji Sheikh Ansar Ali.
Abu Naser khan said, dust pollution in the city has become critical. It is causing trouble for inhaling; asthma and tuberculosis through bacteria getting into the lungs, infecting children and others.
Dust invasion also making the citizens suffer due to dirty homes and shops, their clothes and electronics equipment like TV and computers.
So we want relief from it to live healthy and clean.
The people are wasting thousands of working hours, water and detergents to keep everything clean, the POBA chair added.
Abu Naser Khan pointed out when the winter arrives so the dust pollution goes up in the city because of thousands of brick kilns around, rise in digging of roads, and their developments for different service utilities, scattering of construction equipment, breaking of bricks in machine. All these made it imperative for us to get relief from such a situation that led to US based research institute of health effects and institute for health metrics and evaluation to list Dhaka ranking second most polluted city in the world, the POBA chairman pointed out tpo the dismal situation for the metropolis needing urgent attention to salvage it.