Cops charge baton to disperse quota protesters at Shahbagh


Dhaka, Apr 08: Police dispersed the job reform seekers from Shahbagh intersection on Sunday evening, nearly five hours after they blockaded the intersection demanding reforms in the existing quota system in the public service.At least four police-men, one private television channel camera person and some agitated students were injured during the clash. Police arrested 10 protestors from the spot.

Although the demonstrators left the Shahbagh intersection in the wake of police’s intense baton charge, teargas shells, and rubber bullets, they have taken position in front of the fine arts faculty of the Dhaka University.

Clash between the demonstrators and the law enforcers were continuing till filing this report as the demonstrators are pelting stones at police in response to police’s continuous teargas shells.

Police swung into action around 7:50pm after the demonstrators refused to withdraw the blockade, witnesses said.

Earlier, several hundred protesters blocked the Shahbagh intersection around 3:00pm, triggering gridlocks in roads around the intersection and inflicting sufferings on the city dwellers.

As part of the countrywide programme announced earlier by Bangladesh Shadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhan Parishad (Bangladesh General Students’ Right Protection Council), students of different universities and colleges, and job seekers demonstrated in front of the Dhaka University Central Library in the afternoon.