‘Bangladesh will do whatever is needed against terrorism and militancy’: PM tells Parliament


Dhaka, June 22: The Muslim Ummah has got a chance to get united against terrorism and militancy as 40 Muslim countries are taking part in the Saudi-led Islamic alliance against militancy and terrorism, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said in Parliament on Wednesday.

“Bangladesh will do whatever is needed against terrorism and militancy. I already told the Saudi King and other Muslim countries including the OIC that we’re firm in this regard so that the incidents (militant acts) which are taking place now will never happen again,” she said this while describing her recent visit to Saudi Arabia in Parliament responding to a starred question from M Shahiduzzaman Sarker (Naogaon-2) during the PM’s question-answer session.

Talking about her government’s zero tolerance policy towards terrorism and militancy, the Prime Minister said she informed the successful implementation of this policy in Bangladesh. “I told the King that Bangladesh will send its troops, if necessary, to protect the two holy Masjids.”

Hasina said she expressed her high hope to the Saudi King that each and every country of the Muslim Ummah will refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

As the Saudi King informed her about the bilateral relations with Iran, Hasina mentioned Bangladesh’s foreign policy is ‘friendship to all malice to none’ as adopted by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Responding to a supplementary question from the same MP, the Prime Minister said Bangladesh always plays the anti-terrorism role and her government has taken zero tolerance policy against terrorism and militancy in any form.

“I always urge the Muslim Ummah to stand against militancy and terrorism…I urge this whenever I go to the OIC,” she said.

She said Islam is the religion of peace and we must take the honour of this religion at the top. “We’ll continue our efforts toward that,” she added.

The Prime Minister said her recent Saudi Arab tour was historical one considering its all the aspects.