B Chy for forming neutral govt to ensure fair polls


Dhaka, May 25: President of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) Badruddoza Chowdhury on Friday laid emphasise on forming a neutral government dissolving parliament for the sake of a fair and neutral general election.Speaking at an iftar party, he also demanded reconstitution of the current Election Commission with impartial persons to hold the 11th parliamentary elections in a credible manner, UNB reports.

Dhaka city north unit BDB arranged the programme at a convention centre in the city’s Uttara area.

B Chowdhury, also a former President, said, “A level-playing field must be created first to remove the obstacle towards holding an acceptable national election.”

To ensure a level-playing field, he said an election-time neutral government, a proven neutral Election Commission and dissolution of parliament are crucial so that ministers and MPs cannot avail of government facilities during the polls.

The BDB chief also said it is unlikely that there will be a level-playing field when hundreds of opposition leaders and activists will be there in jail during the election.

He also talked against extrajudicial killings in the name of anti-narcotics drive. “We don’t know who’re being killed in the name of the anti-drug drive and using other excuses. We also don’t know their identities. Bur, there’s an allegation that they’re political activists.”

B Chowdhury said a level-playing field will also not be created to ensure if political activists are killed or arrested on various excuses while the field remains under the control of a particular party.

Accusing the government of keeping BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia in jail ignoring the apex court order, he called upon it to be respectful for the rule of law and the verdicts of the judiciary.

The former president observed that both Awami League and BNP leaders and activists are afraid of post-election violence and their security if their respective party loses the polls due to longstanding conflicts between the two major parties.

Even the common voters, he said, are also in doubt which party will be able to ensure their security after the election.

Under the circumstances, he said, the political scenario can be changed if only a third political force emerges out of people’s fear about the two parties and for the sake of peace and discipline in the country.