Attack on Ducsu VP: Students body place 4-point demand


Dhaka, December 27: Newly-formed Anti-Terrorism Students Unity on Friday demanded resignation of the Dhaka University (DU) proctor following the attack on Ducsu Vice-President Nurul Haque Nur.Twelve student organisations jointly announced the platform at a press conference at the Madhur Canteen on the DU campus.

The organisations, including Bangladesh General Students Right Protection Council, Chhatra Federation, Chhatra Union, Socialist Students’ Front, and others jointly formed the platform, vowing to work together to wipe out terrorism and oppression from educational institutions.

They demanded immediate trial and expulsion of those involved in attack on Nur and his associates, resignation of proctor, withdrawal of false case against Nur and others, ensuring congenial academic and democratic atmosphere on the campus and security of students.

Ducsu Social Affairs Secretary, also leader of Bangladesh General Students Right Protection Council, Akhter Hossain read out the written statement.

“The ruling party-backed Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) has created a culture of fear at the educational institutions. In the latest incident, they attacked the Ducsu VP and others. The university authorities are also working in favour of the attackers by concealing CCTV footage,” he said.

Hossain said the university campuses have turned into “concentration camps” as BCL continuously assault students every day and continue terror on the campuses.

“Undemocratic campus is a barrier to higher education,” he noted, accusing the Dhaka University proctor of doing nothing to save the victims. “He even spoke in favour of the attackers. We demand his immediate resignation,” he said.

The platform announced that they will march against terrorism form DU Raju Sculpture. After the press conference, the platform took out a procession from Shahbag intersection and paraded important streets of the campus.