Arsonists turned into secret killers now: PM


Dhaka, June 8: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday said that the country’s image brightened following her recent visit to East-European Country Bulgaria.

“I met with Bulgarian Prime Minister and invited him to establish economic zones and hi-Tech park in Bangladesh,” the Premier said this while briefing about the outcome of her visit to Saudi Arabai, Japan and Bulgaria at Gonobhabon.

Claiming Saudi Arabia tour as fruitful, the Prime Minister said Saudi government had expressed their willing to import skilled and unskilled workers from different professions.

She also alleged that the quarter which had earlier burnt people alive is now carrying out secret killings changing their strategy.

“Those who faced public wrath for killing people in broad daylight have now changed their strategy and started killing people secretly. They’re making all soft targets to frighten people and cerate sensation globally,” she said.

The Prime Minister, however, said her government is taking every necessary step in this regard and the members of law enforcement agencies are very active as they are arresting those who are committing the crimes.

Hasina also alleged the current spate of the secret killings is a part of a blueprint of those who want to tarnish Bangladesh’s image and obstruct its progress.

Mentioning that the country’s people had resisted those who burnt people alive earlier, she called upon people to come forward to find out the secret killers and hand them over to law enforcers. “I believe if people become alert, they won’t be able to implement their blueprint.”