‘AL trying to destroy state organs’: BNP


Thakurgaon, August 14: BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday alleged that ruling Awami League is trying to destroy the state organs.“The ruling Awami League has been trying to destroy the different institutions of the state for the last 10 years,” he said.

The spokesperson for the party came up with the allegation while speaking at a press conference at his own residence in the district town.

Mirza Fakhrul said, “There are three organs of the state—parliament, executive and judiciary. The government has made the parliament rubber stamp through the national elections in 2014.”

Besides, the government made the executive division completely partisan, he alleged. “Now they are trying to bring the apex court under their control.”

Regarding the Supreme Court verdict, the BNP leader said, “The government has started staging drama with the verdict of 16th amendment. The verdict has established that there is no legal and moral right of the government to stay state power.”