Actress Nawshaba arrested for spreading rumors on social media regarding students’ protest


Dhaka, August 04: Police have arrested actress Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed for spreading rumours on the social media over the ongoing protests demanding safer roads.

She was detained from Dhaka’s Uttara on Friday night, a source at Rapid Action Battalion confirmed to media.

Earlier in the day, the actress went live on Facebook, when she claimed four students were killed in capital’s Jigatala in attack by ruling party supporters.

The rumours triggered a clash between protesters and AL activists, which continued for hours turning a large swathe of Jigatala into a battlefield.

In her video, Nawshaba called people to save the agitating students. “It’s my request (you people) take to the streets and bring your children to a safe place. The children are unsafe now. Please, do something and be united,” she said.

When contacted the actress after her video caused a stir on internet—Nawshaba admitted that she did not witness the incidents of deaths in person.”

“I went on live after I was informed of the deaths over phone,” said the actress.