562 killed, 2560 injured across the country in March: BMBS report


Sunday, 07 April 2013

DHAKA, Apr 6: A total of 562 people were killed and 2,560 others injured
in various incidents across the country in just the month of March,
said a human rights organisation report of Bangladesh Manabadhikar
Bastabayan Sangstha (BMBS).

In contrast, the number of killings was around 300 in the month of
February. According to the BMBS report, 92 people, including police
personnel, were killed during clashes between the police and
Jamaat-Shibir activists over the issue of trial of war criminals. Of the
rest, 145 died in different road accidents, 73 men and women were
killed due to acid throwing, drowning, lightning strikes and wall
collapses, 54 persons died because of terrorist activities, political
reasons and deterioration in the law and order situation, 72 people were
killed because of land disputes and as a result of earlier enmity, 17
were killed because of family feuds, five women were killed following
demands for dowry, a woman and two children were killed after being
raped while 20 women and three men committed suicide. Again, 61
unidentified bodies were recovered in the month of March.
to a BMBS monitoring report, the human rights situation of the country
has declined drastically in three sectors — social security, right to
religion, and the economy.
The report further stated that a section
of people has carried out attacks on minority communities in nine places
in the same month.
The report also mentioned that at least 14
Bangladeshi nationals were allegedly abducted by the Indian Border
Security Force (BSF) in the month of March.
The authorities concerned have imposed Section 144 in various places 37 times.
A total of 13 women and 12 children were raped and six women were victims of gang rape in March.
International Bangladesh (TIB) executive director Dr Iftekharuzzaman
told The Independent on Friday that the number of killings has become a
matter of serious concern for all.
“The nation is moving towards
different crises, including political instability and deterioration in
the law and order situation. Besides, basic rights, including the
people’s human rights, are also facing challenges, without any solution
being found,” he observed.
Sounding a bit pessimistic, he said, “Such
killings are occurring as the fundamental basis of human beings has
been attacked by the state machinery. People are now in a panic over the
instability prevailing in the country.”
However, he said the nation can avert the political crisis if the two major political parties achieve mutual understanding.