Cattle sales getting momentum in city markets


Dhaka, August 30: The cattle traders hoped that selling of their sacrificial animals will get momentum from today (Wednesday).

Meanwhile, several lakhs of cattle heads are already reached in different city markets on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, one of the biggest festivals of the Muslim.

As many as 23 cattle markets, including the permanent one at Gabtali, have been set up in different parts of the city for Eid. Of them, nine cattle markets are under the jurisdiction of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), while the rest are under Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC).

The temporary cattle markets under DSCC are—Meradia Bazaar, Uttar Shajahanpur-Khilgaon rail gate, Balur Math adjacent to Brothers Union, Kamlapur adjacent to Stadium, Jhigatola Hazaribag Math, Rahmatganj playground, Kamrangirchar-south embankment of Buriganga, Armanitola playground, Dhupkhola East and Club ground, Postogula Swashanghat, Donia College playground, Shaympur Balur Math, and Sadek Hossain Khoka field with Dholaikhal truck terminal.

The DNCC cattle markets are—Kuril 300-feet road areas, Basila, Mirpur DOHS, Sector-15 in Uttara, Khilkhet Banarupa, Asian city, Sayeednagar in Bhatara, Aftabnagar and Mirpur Section-6. The traders are coming to the city markets with their cattle heads by trucks and through river ways.

According to the livestock department, a total of 11,557,000 sacrificial animals were ready to be sold against a demand of 1.10 crore this year. Of them, 4,457,000 comprised cows and buffalos and 7,100,000 were goats and sheep.

According to the traders’ estimates, around 25 lakh cattle would be available in the city markets, and the actual sale and purchase would likely begin from Wednesday. At present, some city buyers were visiting the markets to assess the prices, but were not making any purchases, the sellers said.

Last year, the number of sacrificial animals was 1.5 crore. “Some traders have already reached Gabtali with their animals, but selling was yet to begin. More animals will come to this market before Eid,” Lutfor Rahman, lessee of the Gabtali market, told this correspondent.

The space of the market has been extended this year, he said.

There will be several teams to ensure security of the cattle traders, Masud Ahmed, deputy commissioner of police of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (Mirpur Zone) said.

“We are erecting a fence adjacent to Gabtali road to avoid any untoward incident. Besides, no temporary shops will be allowed inside the market,” the DCP said. “If anyone wanted police escort to move their money to safe places, we will provide them such facilities,” he added.

There will be machines to identify counterfeit notes in the cattle markets, especially at Gabtali, he said.

Meanwhile, traders at Sonirakhra-Jatrabari cattle market hoped that that they would earn rich dividends after selling their animals.

Ainal Mollah, a trader from Faridpur district, said, “I bought four cows last year just after Eid-ul-Azha. I have been looking after them since then. Now, I have brought these cows to sell in the market.”

“Last year, I sold two cows for Tk 210,000 to a local trader in Faridpur. But, he in turn sold them for Tk 240,000, making a profit of Tk 30,000. I worked hard for the whole year, but the middleman got Tk 30,000 in just 10 days. Hence, I did not sell my cows in Faridpur this year, and I came with my nephew to Dhaka to earn more by selling our cows,” he added.

He said that some prospective buyers had come to him on Saturday and Sunday, but they were not interested in buying the cows then. “They asked me to keep my cows as they would buy them just a day or two before Eid,” he said.

Masum Bepari, another trader who has brought three cows from Nagaon, said that he was banking on the animals to fetch him good earnings. “These are my whole year’s income. The three cows may be sold for Tk 350,000 to Tk 400,000. After selling them, I will buy four calves and look after them for the whole year till next Eid,” he added.