2.85 lakh students drop out of HSC, equivalent exams


Dhaka, Mar 28: Over 2.85 lakh students have dropped out from the upcoming Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent exams, the education ministry said on Wednesday.In the 2015-2016 academic session, 13,03,786 students were registered under the 10 education boards, but this year 10,18,411 examinees among those students are going to take part as regular students, which means 2,85,375 students have dropped out, ministry statistics said.

Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid said there are various realities behind the causes of drop-out, especially in the rural areas, because of cultural and financial reasons. “The dropout is higher, especially among girls students, in the rural areas. When they grow up, they are not allowed to go out of their villages—this results in drop-outs,” he added.

The minister also said they are taking steps to decrease the drop-out rate by giving free books, scholarships, stipend, food and other facilities.

“The number of students is increasing, but at the same time the drop-out rate is increasing. It will be reduced when financial development and awareness will increase,” he added.

The minister said this at a press conference at the education ministry at the Secretariat.

As per the statistics of the ministry, 10,70,705 students were registered under the eight general education boards, but 8,38,014 will take part in the HSC exams. This means that 2,32,691 students have dropped out. Under the Madrasa board, 1,16,182 students were registered, but only 79,802 will take part in the exams.  Under the Technical board 1,16,899 students were registered, but 1,00,595 will sit for the exams.

The education minister said 13,11,457 students will take part in HSC and equivalent exams under the 10 education boards this year. Among them, 6,92,730 are male and 6,18,727 are female students. The number of examinees has increased by 1,27,771, which is 10.79 per cent, this year from the previous year, when 11,83,686 sat for the HSC and equivalent exams.

As per the ministry statistics, there is another reason for the increase in the number of examinees. A total of 2,80,842 irregular students will also sit for the exams in one, two or all subjects.

Under the eight education boards, 40,257 irregular students, who totally failed, will appear for the exams in all subjects, 48,880 will sit for two subjects and 1,55,054 will sit for one subject as they have only partially failed.